enduring appeal

The intention is surrender to temptation, succumb to desire and wear with joy!

I am delighted to be supporting Western Road School and “Artist & Makers Virtually There Fair” starting on December 12th. Enjoy choosing something tempting off the website or my Instagram feed!

Please contact me by email or phone (07866814185) for further prices and delivery information.

Please quote AM2020 with your order.


Line & form

I am in awe of the architect Joern Utzon, famous for the Sydney Opera House, who once said that we should “work on the edge of the possible”

Moon people

Detailed casting

I love the reassuring solidness of cast objects, however detailed it may be. They are dependable, like good friends.

Mouse rings

Storyline designs

Outward forms give an inward, joyous story. I like to hope that my designs create an adornment with narrative and humour.